Thursday, April 2, 2009


what happened between us?

what went wrong with you and me?

why did you leave me?

what did i do to you?

what must i do to get you back?


it all started one afternoon

if only i could go back

i wish i could change the choices made

i should have known

it shouldn't have ended this way


one moment is all that it takes

only you can change it now

our lives were connected

or maybe it wasn't meant to be

only now, it is all over


my heart was given to you

maybe it was all wrong

must i continue without you?

made to live alone forever?

my heart is completely broken


put yourself in my shoes

promises don't do any good

people will never understand

please don't leave me

part of me is gone because of you


am i supposed to continue?

all you left me is a memory

anything else would have been better

and you are gone forever

a final goodbye...